Buying Guide

Choose the Perfect Location

Location is one of the single biggest factors in a home's value, both on the open market and to you as a buyer. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure you're paying the right amount for the right location.

If you like the neighborhood you're considering, take a look at how it fits into the market. Some of the areas to analyze for you are:

  • Quality of schools
  • Property values
  • Traffic
  • Crime rate
  • Future construction
  • Proximity to schools, employment, hospitals, shops, public transportation, prisons, freeways, airports, beaches, parks, stadiums and cultural activities such as museums, concerts and theaters.

If you're a first time-buyer with limited financial resources, it's wise to buy a home that meets your primary needs in the best neighborhood that fits within your price range. Keep your budget, as well as the points above, in mind while searching for the perfect neighborhood.