Selling Guide

Closing and Moving

Selling a home is one of the most important financial steps on your life. After the final offer has been made and accepted, a process called "Closing" takes place. Basically, the buyer hands over a weighty check (from their mortgage company) and you hand over the keys. The closing process can take around a month. The buyer gets the final approval on financing the house.

You have two main jobs at this point: getting ready for closing, and getting ready to move out. As your agent, I'll be coordinating most of the closing details with the title company and other players; ideally, you simply show up and take the money. However, I'll keep you informed throughout the process so that you know how everything is going as we prepare for the big day.

You will also need to prepare to vacate the property - after closing, it won't be yours anymore. If you've already had an offer accepted on your new home, it's time to set closing for that sales and arrange your moving date. Or, if you're still looking for your new home, you'll need to arrange temporary housing and storage.

There probably will be several people at closing: me, you, the buyers, their agent (if any), and representatives of the title and mortgage companies involved. I'll be with you as you sign and initial papers and accept payment for your home; we'll both take a look at what you're signing to make sure it matches what we've agreed to with the seller. Then, once all the paperwork and checks have changed hands, you're done.

Congratulations, your house is sold! A huge milestone in your life has been accomplished, and I would love to help you achieve this major goal. Please call or email Sylvia Collins for your realty needs.